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Maybe you’re a new business with lots of ideas. Perhaps your company is well-established but you need a refresh. Or, maybe you’re ready to transition your enterprise to new owners.

With a heritage deeply rooted in successful partnerships, Otten Associates helps guide both early-stage startups to launch success and thriving businesses into the next generation. And we offer much more than a one-size-fits-all investment—we are committed to working closely with our portfolio companies, applying our expertise while seeking to help you accomplish your goals. Before we partner with a company, we check to make sure we’re a good fit for you and vice versa because we hope to build long-term relationships to cultivate an environment of continuity and success.

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What type of business are you?

Aspiring Business

You’re just getting off the ground and need help with funding, strategy or navigating unfamiliar business tactics.

If you have a great idea yet are unsure about how to effectively execute it, let’s talk. We help aspiring businesses understand their intended market, evaluate the competition and maximize their potential. Whether it’s providing funding, determining manufacturers and suppliers or helping develop a marketing plan, we work with prospective businesses – from students to early-stage entrepreneurs – to turn their vision and dreams into a reality.

Success Story: Phlex


Success Story: Park+Diamond

Growing Business

You’re gaining momentum and need some guidance developing your business model.

If you are already selling in your desired market and want to take your business to the next level, we can help. With our 35+ years of experience, we work with business owners to build a trajectory of success. Our portfolio businesses operate independently and bring their expertise to our team network, creating a synergistic relationship to foster collective growth.

Success Story: So Good So You

Thriving Business

You’re an established business and are ready to discuss transition options.

If you are looking to retire or take a step back from your business, we can help you plan the next step. You may be ready to transition, perhaps out of the daily operations and into a specific role to pursue your passions. We’ll work alongside you to move your business into the future while maintaining your foundational values and building off the success you’ve created.

Success Story: Indie Do Good


Partnering with Otten Associates

Our process for selecting the right opportunities is based around a proven model of five considerations for each company:


We pursue companies with leaders who are invested, hardworking and fun to work with.  We want to build strong enduring relationships with leaders with integrity, business acumen and a heart for doing good.

Products and ServicesProducts & Services

We look for a commitment to integrity, quality, community and sustainability in the products and services we invest in.


We analyze planning and performance to determine if finances are comprehensive and reflective of prudent decision-making.


Our expertise brings value; we will not be passive “write the check/walk away” investors. We strengthen and accelerate success. We seek diversity in opportunities to help us better collaborate, increase performance and achieve goals across the portfolio.

Mutual RewardDoes Good

We look to support companies who do good, either through charitable, sustainable or environmental efforts. We believe doing good can be the heart of any business and we work hard to help these businesses be more successful.



Our range of experience is proven to create the best solutions for their business and may be the perfect fit to support your goals.

Design and Manufacturing

  • Develop extensible technologies
  • Ensure Lean best practices
  • Product development via customer data
  • Engineering & design
  • Supply chain & manufacturing
  • Product quality assurance
  • Product extension planning
  • Project management

Sales and Marketing

  • Brand & reputation management
  • Strategic launch planning
  • Sales development & forecasting
  • Internal & external communications
  • Content development & integration
  • Media relations & events
  • Social media & engagement
  • Digital & traditional marketing

Distribution and Logistics

  • Freight optimization
  • Logistics & transportation planning
  • Tariff engineering
  • Ecommerce order handling
  • Customer service support & warehousing
  • Direct to consumer shipping
  • Raw material procurement & end-of-life disposition
  • Reverse logistics & asset recovery


Though Susan and Ron are the Otten Associates founders, the team is composed of leaders devoting their time and expertise to the success of the portfolio companies. Our strategy is to utilize our core competencies and build a nimble team of experts to ensure success for the entire Otten Associates portfolio.

Susan Otten

Chief Executive Officer

Susan is a veteran branding, sales, marketing and communications expert who learned her craft while at Apple. Using what she learned at other global companies and entrepreneurial small businesses, Susan worked extensively to develop strategies and processes to achieve these organizations’ business objectives. Since Otten Associates was formed in 2000, Susan has consulted with companies on overall business strategies, including reputation management, internal and external communications, branding, social integration, traditional and digital marketing and more. Her client list extends across industries, from entertainment and retail, to healthcare, manufacturing and technology. Susan is an active presenter, board member and teacher (including at the MBA level). She loves to apply her knowledge and expertise to help her clients realize their dreams.

Working for Apple with its amazing entrepreneurial culture for over 15 years, I realized many good employees eventually left to start their own companies. After my first consulting gig, I was hooked and haven’t stopped innovating and helping others be successful.

Ron Otten


With over 35 years of experience working in operations, engineering, manufacturing and product management, Ron brings an analytical and logical angle to the Otten Associates team. He has held positions in a range of capital equipment manufacturers, improving their processes, developing more efficient systems and launching new, innovative products. Ron’s uncanny ability to strengthen teams has helped companies achieve their most far-reaching goals. One of his teams won the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence and then earned a place as one of America’s 10 best plants. Ron enjoys exercising his technical and management skills to support businesses from the ground up, while helping them gain a long-term, superior reputation in their markets.

Susan and I work really well together, doing exciting work for our clients and companies. It’s the ‘yin & yang’ we have; my engineering and attention to detail and Susan’s marketing and innovation. It works well, it’s exciting to see the success others have with our help and it’s fun!


While Otten Associates works hard on behalf of our companies, each company also contributes tremendously to overall portfolio. Each team offers valuable skillsets vital to the growth of our portfolio and provides access into new markets, geographic regions and industries.

Otten Associates & So Good

So Good Brand Inc.

For the Love of Body & Planet

Our company was created out of our passion for making people feel good while supporting the environment. We decided to partner with Otten Associates because of our aligning goals and their genuine interest in the mission, vision and values of So Good So You. Like us, they wanted to build a company that generated goodness—good products, good employees, good customers and goodwill in the community. Otten Associates has been an invaluable resource. As members of our board, Ron and Susan engage with us on business strategy, as well as help us with major decisions about company direction. Since we are a manufacturer, Ron’s deep experience in the manufacturing field is relevant for us in creating processes, efficiencies and scale production. Eric and I also enjoy working alongside the Otten Associates portfolio companies, with our operations and marketing/brand experience. We have great conversations and challenge each other to problem solve in new ways. As founders and entrepreneurs who have created and built our company from concept to national distribution, we offer relevant experience to the younger, startup-phase companies within the portfolio. We are thrilled to support other entrepreneurs pursuing their passions.

Rita Katona
Co-Founder & CEO
So Good So You

Otten Associates & Phlex


Experience Improvement

Phlex exists for swimmers, created by swimmers. The Phlex founders developed the idea for a swimming fitness tracker because of the lack of innovation for swimming-specific gear. We decided to partner with Otten Associates because they aren’t your conventional investment group—they have so much more to offer. We all treat each other like family and use this powerful relationship to stay true to our goals. Ron and Susan help Phlex grow but they don’t micromanage like other investment firms. They have been very hands-on, even setting aside time outside of normal work hours to do a deep dive with our team. Otten Associates gives Phlex the boost necessary for long-term success. I believe Phlex also offers important skills to the entire portfolio team. As young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs, we bring a deep understanding of evolving markets and future trends. We see vision as one of our main strengths. In addition, we have an extensive network in swimming and other sporting circles across the U.S., Poland, Australia, and Brazil.

Luke Torres
Chief Operating Officer

Indiegogo Campaign raised over $53K.  Expecting delivery Spring 2019.

Otten Associates & Park + Diamond

Park & Diamond

Protect Your Life

About two years ago, my sister Rachel, was riding her bike at the intersection of Park Avenue and Diamond Street in Philadelphia when she was the victim of a hit and run. Since then, Rachel has been working hard to recover while my business partner, Jordan and I set out to improve cycling safety. Together, we developed the technology for an ultraportable helmet. From our very first conversation, we felt Otten Associates understood and supported our mission to create a world free of life altering injuries. Ron and Susan have provided invaluable insights, talent and resources, opening many doors for us. The network of investments the Ottens are forming has created a powerful, close-knit community of likeminded people who support one another. Thanks to our partnership, Jordan and I have been able contribute innovative thinking, new perspectives, along with design and engineering experience to help grow the whole portfolio. Ron and Susan believe people and character are paramount, and this focus builds a community of compassion and drive for everyone to succeed. They know what it means to build a healthy company culture based upon inspiration, trust and generosity.

David Hall
Co-Founder & President

Indiegogo Campaign has raised over $1.5M to date.  Expecting delivery Spring 2019.

Otten Associates & Fix Find

Indie Do Good

Life Inspired

Indie Do Good is the dot com home for innovative makers and their inspiring stories. We are the dot com home of makers, inventors and entrepreneurs who are driven.  Driven with a purpose. We are a place where every purchase comes with a do good, a donation to your favorite charity. The Makers Movement is real and it is here.

Our leadership talent helps entrepreneurs focus on what they do best, invent things. We help them by covering all the rest, from front end to back end, branding, website, digital marketing, social media management, business development, warehousing and logistics. We have created a community of makers, a gallery of artisans, supporting one another and the social causes inspiring them.

We believe in the dream of independence.  We crave the unique inspired by purpose, innovative, authentic, true craftsmanship.  We champion the brave indies, the independent makers, entrepreneurs and inventors.  We believe in giving back by supporting charities, entrepreneurs and communities.  We are Indie Do Good.

Good Products.
Good People.
Good Stories.

Susan Otten
Chief Operating Officer & Founder
Indie Do Good


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Does Otten Associates only invest in particular products, ideas or industries?

Not necessarily, we look for a variety of products, services and industries to balance our portfolio and make it stronger through diversification.

How do you ultimately decide if a partner is a good fit?

We carefully follow our proven process for selecting the right opportunities to determine if an idea or company will benefit by partnering with Otten Associates. We look for a combination of great products, great opportunities and great relationships—then, a great partnership will follow.

Does Otten Associates work with early stage businesses without positive cash flow?

Yes! We enjoy working and mentoring young entrepreneurs. Passion and vision combined with experience and business connections is the formula for a growing company’s success.

Do you invest in companies across the United States? What about outside of the U.S.?

Yes! Though we are based in the very entrepreneurial state of Minnesota, we are not limited by geography. We evaluate each opportunity on its own merit, not the zip or postal code.

How did you find your current portfolio companies?

We have an extensive network of business associates who know what we are looking for in opportunities. Plus, we are active in the entrepreneurial community in both competitions and mentoring.

Does Otten Associates require a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

Yes! We want to make sure we are protecting the intellectual property of the opportunities we are evaluating so we will be sure to complete a NDA before any sensitive information is shared.

What are your ownership requirements?

As each opportunity is different, we work very hard to ensure all parties in the partnership are happy with the equity arrangement. We want to have solid (and fun!) working relationships.

What makes Otten Associates different from other investment firms?

We believe we are active participants, working hard with business owners to ensure mutual growth. We will not just write the check and walk away. We seek long-term, always-developing business relationships yielding positive returns for all parties involved.